The building block

Located on one side of Queen Maeve Square in central Sligo (previously Stephen Street car park), this project has brought back into use an empty office space which will complement and enliven the new square.

The fabric of the building has been upgraded, with internal insulation lining the walls, new windows and doors and a new roof. This makes the space a warm and efficient space to work. A kitchen, meeting room, WCs and shower have all been inserted into the space, providing all the conveniences a modern office space requires.

An existing stone wall currently fronts onto Queen Maeve Square. It is proposed to rebuild this wall, with a new glazed main entrance and new double-glazed aluminium windows to connect the office space to the public square outside. This will have the benefit of activating this side of the square with movement and light and adding passive surveillance.

Client: The Building Block Co-ownership

Location: Sligo

Status: Planning

Gross Floor Area: 100m2


Architect: Crawford Architecture

Structural Engineer: CST Group

Illustrations: S Design Illustration