Union Street

Union Street is a feasibility study for a contemporary residential development which sits on a backland infill site in the centre of Sligo town. This proposal forms the basis of an urban renewal scheme, which achieves the removal of derelict buildings and densification of an underused residential site.

A central green space forms the heart of the plan, with a variety of house types arranged around the space to form a varied and interesting streetscape. Houses have either a conventional back and front garden, or side gardens over multiple levels, which allows for a denser urban grain, appropriate to town centre development. Some houses are dual fronted to address both the street side and green space. Car parking is kept to the edge of the site, to allow for a more usable amenity space for residents. Pedestrian connections are made from street to green space, to weave the scheme into the town. 

Location: Sligo

Status: Feasibility


Architect: Crawford Architecture

Illustrations: S Design Illustration