Our expertise includes architecture, fire remediation works, due diligence and project monitoring. We deliver the same level of commitment and detail to projects of each type because we understand that the different aspects of our work together form a sustainable whole.


We have experience across a range of sectors working for private clients to create buildings that balance function, aesthetics and sustainability. We have adopted the use of BIM on our projects to drive efficiency, collaboration and technical aspects in our work. While we generally take projects from inception and feasibility stages to handover and post-occupancy review, we also have experience taking schemes with planning permission and delivering them on site. This valuable knowledge gained from the building site then feeds back into the design stage of new projects.

Fire Remediation Works

We have gained a reputation for working primarily with existing residential buildings to inspect and survey where there may be inadequate fire separation and risk of fire spreading throughout the building. We then put together a comprehensive plan working with experienced contractors to upgrade and fit new fire protection measures throughout the building.

Due Diligence

We undertake thorough investigation work for property owners, investors and developers involved in the purchase, sale of management of property.

Project Monitoring

We have expertise in monitoring projects on site for construction quality, compliance with building regulations and compliance with the planning documents to deliver successful outcomes for the client. This is done through frequent site visits as required and desktop studies of the available drawings and specifications. This valuable knowledge gained from the building site can then feedback into the design stage of Architecture.


Master Planning

Due Diligence

Building Surveys

Expert Witness


Assigned Certifier

Fire Remediation

Project Monitoring